To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.- Douglas Adams

Simon Lieber


I live and breathe buildings. In a sense, it’s part of my DNA

A visionary in every sense of the word, Simon is an entrepreneur by nature. Attracted to building structures at a very young age, he made a name for himself as one who translates equity into gold, with a rare skill set and passion for excellence. With roots in property investment dating back to --, Simon purchased his very own building at the age of 22, never looking back since. His remarkable abilities are highlighted by his willingness to share the smarts and success that are the cornerstone of the A1 mission: to provide profitable investments with the intent of creating escalated marginal returns.

Joel Wertzberger


Conservative with Money, Liberal with my Approach

We classify Joe as a well grounded realist, despite his acclaimed success in the industry. He refuses to be blinded by numerical figures or terms, remaining astutely focused on the exponential growth of every property he acquires. Joe exudes a congenial warmth, allowing clients to feel at home in the prominent hub of business sentiment at A1 Equities. A reliable and committed guru, his office has been dubbed ‘the haven’ amid a metropolis of professional vibes. His lingo is commonplace, yet his expertise in the industry is unmatched

Josh Pfeifer

Management & Development

Operations is Key to Success!

Josh brings over ten years of experience to A1 Equities, and is responsible for managing teams of architects, engineers and contractors during the planning, entitlement, design, development, and through all phases of each construction project. His ability to visualize the potential of a particular development opportunity and to successfully lead major construction projects has resulted in the completion of several noteworthy developments.

Rebecca Jenkins

Account manager

Over 10 years of building management experience

Rebecca has been with our team since it's inception and her approach to any issue is "no problem". That is the type of service we strive to offer to all our clients.