A1 Equities boasts a portfolio of industrial and residential property in the Northeastern Region of the US, particularly in its NYC metropolitan area. With more funds, experience and buying power, we successfully direct our investors toward profitable purchases and lucrative developmental assets. Successfully managing millions of dollars in investment capital, we build relationships on the premise of building skylines

It’s how we raise the bar in investment building


We’re proud of our team, possessing an acute balance of business acumen and noteworthy success. The backbone of our impressive portfolio is the commitment to excellence on behalf of our advisory board.


When it comes to asset acquisition and growth, our investors are awarded a sense of security and trust. Operating under exclusive scrutiny and anonymity, every project is taken in the highest regard.


Our expertise is evident in the catapulted growth of the value of our purchase history. It’s a record we take seriously, exponentially increasing the selling figures of property and structure.

A bird's eye view:

At A1 we acquire more than just property. We acquire a three step mission along with every partnership that successfully enters contractual agreements. It's a mission with a broader view. It's how we fast forward brick and mortar to investment gems, with strategy and expertise.

Detecting value:

The property acquisition team of specialists at A1 focus on primary real estate specs, coupled by out of the box investment smarts that result in targeted buying. We sidestep the doctrinaire ideology of real estate as you know it, utilizing unique approaches toward investment purchasing.

Projecting growth:

The blueprint for success lies in the passion for excellence at A1, where innovators create fast paced communities and attractive perks for properties. Featuring both functionality and an appreciation of the arts, our architectural implementations garner the very elite of up and coming communities. It's what translates into successful ROI, while being the innovators of today's leading neighborhoods.

Managing commitments:

We believe in long term commitment. This belief is the motto at our management division, which remains focused on coordinating top notch assessments and service for every A1 development under its expansive umbrella of services.

Our building developments span the Greater NY area, featuring a skyline dotted by structure and success.